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Iphone 5s reduce storage

Hi Caleb, Depending on the version of IOS that you're using, it is very possible that it can take up 8GB of space.
To maximize the space on your device with iCloud, open Settings, tap Photos Camera and concours rap la chinerie select Optimize iPhone Storage.
Even though you're blocking remote images (i.e., images stored on someone else's web server you'll still be able to see images sent to you as attachments.
Whether you've got an Overcast backlog teeming with days worth of podcasts or a large ComiXology library brimming with superhero stories, be sure to ditch any content you don't concours gendarme adjoint volontaire epreuves need from within your favorite apps.
IOS 10 arrives tomorrow (Sept.Don't Download Any Email at All If you want to get really extreme, or just really want to use your storage space for something else, don't set up any email accounts on your iPhone at all.If you go to and scroll all the way to the bottom it will tell you how much space the system is occupying.Delete Emails Sooner, when you tap the trash can icon when reading email, or swipe across your inbox and tap Delete, you may think you're deleting the mail, but you're not.In that situation, you may find yourself without enough room to do what you want and need to free up some memory.To change that setting: Tap, settings from your home screen.Remove Unused Apps, sure, you might rely on Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter to get you through the day, but do you really need that silly face-swapping app?All the photos, apps and music on your smartphone provided hours of entertainment, but it's time to see what you need and what can.

That way, email will be taking up 0 MB of your precious storage.
You can even take things one step further by subscribing to Apple Music making its library and your entire Mac or PC music collection accessible from the cloud.
If you're OK with your email being a little plain, you can block your iPhone from downloading any of these images.The content of this website is not supplied or reviewed by Apple Inc.Apple provides its own means of online storage via iCloud, which provides 5GB of free space.Texts can be easily deleted from right within Apple's Messages app, so we recommend dumping any conversations that aren't crucial.With so many apps, photos, songs, and games on everyone's phone, it's easy to bump up against your storage limitsespecially in you have an 8GB or 16GB phone.As long as you're online, all your iTunes purchases (including videos) will be playable regardless of whether or not they're stored on your device.